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Get Appointed offers a fully personalised C.V. writing service, for just £35.


The C.V. is often the first chance you have to make an impression on the recruiter. It needs to stand out from the crowd, and quickly engage the attention of the person reading it.


Get Appointed can create a bespoke C.V. for you from scratch or rewrite your current C.V. to suit your current needs.


We will create a C.V. that is stylised to suit where you are on your career path, from entry level, apprenticeships or your first job, graduate entry, to professional level. We use 3 different styles of C.V. again depending on where you are and what career you are looking for.


Chronological C.V.


This style gives a detailed account of your career and education in date order. It is a traditional style C.V. that is suited to people who have a career history in one field or industry, with no gaps in employment. It suits people who have clear career goals.


Functional C.V.


This style of C.V. highlights skills and strengths and is designed to highlight your transferable skills if you are looking to change career path having had a similar job for a long time, or gaps in your work history. This is an ideal style for Graduates or young people.


Mixed C.V.


This type of C.V. mixes elements of the chronological and functional styles. It takes the best features from both styles. This style provides evidence of transferable skills and career history, whilst showing progression and growth.


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If you are a young person, future Graduate, or professional person contact us and we can get your career moving. We will spend time with you over the telephone obtaining all the details we need from you, and agree what style of C.V. suits your needs. Then we will produce your C.V and email it to you in both word format and as a pdf document.


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Jack W contacted us when he needed a C.V. to apply for his welding apprenticeship. Get Appointed produced a skills based Functional C.V. for him, which he submitted to two companies. He was interviewed following review of his C.V. and obtained his apprenticeship position.



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Our Latest Review



Adam J. (Police Service applicant) 23/3/17.

I have applied for several police forces and been a special and a police staff employee. However I wasn’t passing the assessments and interview to join as an officer. I had passed and failed the assessment centre and also a final interview. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong.

I booked Huw for a session to get me through the assessment centre, in particular the interview portion of it. Huw went through the answer models and we developed my examples to fit the competencies being tested. A passing mark was obtained.

I also booked Huw to get me through my final interview where we developed my answers to reflect the deeper understanding of the competencies and better sell myself in the interview. I was successful and now on my way to my dream career which I’ve worked long and hard for.

Forget “pass courses”. This is quite easily the best investment I have made in my career as the tuition is focussed on you and your experiences. It develops those understandings of the competencies to really hit the positive indicators and blow away the interviewer. The best bit, not a buzzword was mentioned at any stage!!!

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